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Brand: Kimberfeel

Kimberfeel Miage

Discover the MIAGE model, a recovery shoe for men and women. This mold has been specially designed to offer you the best in comfort. She is extremely light Easy to put on and take off, it can be used as recovery shoes.

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Brand: Accapi


Accapi’s ergonomic knee guard has a differentiated compression structure to provide protection and support in the event of injuries, sprains and traumas, in particular when participating in sports such as skiing, football, tennis, rugby and basketball, where physical impact and the required movements result in frequent, intense stress on the joint....

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Brand: Asolo

Trekking Shoes Asolo TPS 535 LTH GV MM

One-piece water-resistant 2,4 mm full grain leather upper. Cambrelle® lining. Asolo/Vibram® highly technical sole. The outsole incorporates three shock absorbers that correspond with the areas of foot that receive highest impact during activity. These shock absorbers can be identified by their different colour respect to the sole. The shock absorbers are...

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Brand: Lurbel

Mountain ski socks Lurbel Fuji

Bmax unisex socks specifically designed for trekking at low temperatures. The structure and composition of these socks help to fight the main causes of blisters, which result from overheating, moisture and friction. Its protective and ergonomic structure ESP reinfor­ces these areas where the friction with the trekking shoes is highest

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Brand: Ferrino

X-track Case

X-Track Case is the handy extra storage pocket designed for use on the X-Track backpack range but suitable for all Ferrino backpacks. 

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What is the shoes fitting?

It is finding the shoe or mountain boot that best suits you thanks to a professional who analyzes your foot and your tread

Finding a comfortable and suitable shoe or hiking boot is important to keep your feet and body happy! There is nothing worse than having foot pain.

Sneakers or boots serve many functions:

• They protect our feet

• Cushion our body weight

• They allow our feet to be more comfortable

• Also to be fashionable

An inappropriate shoe can be painful, but above all cause foot problems such as bunions, corns, calluses, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and much more …….

Finding the right hiking shoe or boot

• Measure your feet most people have one bigger than the other and a different shape

• The length and width must be appropriate

• Do not rely on the fact that he has always used a certain size over time, the change in weight or habits may change the foot

• Don't just look at the size. Like clothing, the size marked inside the shoe may differ depending on the brand.

• Always try and adjust the biggest or strongest foot you have

• Make sure the shape of the shoe is appropriate. That resembles the shape of your foot and fits your foot comfortably

• Do not trust or think that it will happen over time, it should be comfortable at the time of purchase!

• You should feel comfortable, adjusted to the level of the heel and midfoot and at the same time with room to move the toes

• Make sure that between the longest toe and the end of the shoe there is a space like a finger (3/8 "or 1/2"). They should never go fair or touch in front

• It always takes time to try well, walk a little. The heel should never slip, slide or rise while walking.

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