In this document (together with all the documents mentioned in it and also available on the Website), the conditions governing the sale of products and the provision of services (hereinafter, the "General Conditions of Sale") are established. through the Web www.andarsports.com (hereinafter, the 'Website' or the 'Website').

By placing an order through the Website, the Buyer agrees to be bound by these General Conditions of Sale, by the Conditions of use of the Website and by our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy - (hereinafter, collectively referred to as') Terms and Conditions'). Therefore, if the client does not agree with all the Conditions and Policies, he should not contract through this Website.

The Terms and Conditions can be modified at any time, being the responsibility of the Buyer to review them periodically.

The Terms and Conditions have been originally written in Spanish and the user accepts that the Spanish version of them will prevail over any version in another language.



These General Conditions of Sale are subscribed:

On the one hand, by GRUP ANDAR SL., With registered office in Encamp, Principat d'Andorra No. of society 18223 e-mail: info@andarsl.com in its capacity as a seller of the products and services offered through this Website, also being a subsidiary of the company ANDAR SPORTS

On the other hand, by ANDAR SPORTS with registered office in Andorra la Vella, in Carrer Bonaventura Riberaygua 32 with NRT L-713330-N, e-mail: andarsports@andarsl.com, in its capacity as owner of the Website for the purposes of lender of the information service.

Thereafter, the entity GRUP ANDAR S.L. will be called ANDAR SPORTS

And, on the other hand, by any person who acquires any of the products or services offered on the Website. (Hereinafter, it will be called the 'Buyer'.).

The parties agree that their relationships will be governed exclusively by these General Conditions of Sale, which are accessible on the Website and must be, in any case, previously accepted by the customer. In case of modification of the same by the Andar Sports, the conditions to apply to each Buyer, will always be those accepted at the time of making your purchase. The Buyer, prior to the Sale and during the purchase process, may access, file and print these General Conditions of Sale for consultation.



Grup Andar SL offers through the website of the company Andar Sports:

1. On the one hand, a sales service for a wide range of products related to sports activities that will be included in the details of the product list offered at any time through the Website.

2. On the other hand, the Andar Sports website offers a reservation service for its services such as personalized templates and bootfitting and rental of sports equipment, for later collection in any of the collaborating stores.

The present conditions, therefore, have for object the regulation of the commercial relations that arise between Andar Sports and the Buyers through the Website.



The Buyer declares to be of legal age, and have the legal capacity to make a purchase on the Website. The Buyer undertakes to respect these General Conditions of Sale.

The purchase through the Website is available for shipping addresses of European Union countries, as well as European countries that do not belong to it. For the rest of Countries, the client must contact us, through andarsports@andarsl.com, before placing any order. If a purchase can not be sent to these destinations, and the payment has been made correctly, the Buyer will be notified by e-mail and / or by phone and the amount paid will be paid immediately. The purchase through the Website is also available to Buyers who wish to pick up their purchase in our store.

On-line purchase is done in several steps:

The Buyer must access www.andarsports.com and connect to the store:


The Buyer has several possibilities to find an item. In this sense, you can visit the sports section that considers or search for the type of product using the menu that you will find at the top of the page or, where appropriate, use the search engine enabled for that purpose on the Website.

When the Buyer has found the product he wants, he must 'click' on the image to discover the product in detail and see his file. Once you are on the tab of the article of your choice, the Buyer should select the size and model of the product (in case there are variants).

The Buyer must then click on the 'Add to cart' button. If you wish to continue buying and / or browsing the online store, click on the cross or on the 'Continue shopping' button in the pop-up screen.

From this same screen, if the Buyer wants to finalize the purchase and validate his order, he will have to click on the "Go through the box" button. In this case, it is considered that the Buyer wants the product to be sent to the address indicated.

In addition, the customer has the possibility to access, from the button 'Cart' located at the top right of the page and then click on the button 'Pay now',


In the cart, the Buyer can view the products added in the virtual store. In the cart, you can change the quantities or delete the items you do not want. If you want to finalize the purchase, you must choose the 'go through the box' mode.

The price of the items added and displayed in the cart will always be subject to the prices published in the country where the Buyer displays the Website or depending on the country chosen by the country selector (located at the top right). It must be borne in mind that prices may vary if the Buyer uses an intermediary computer network in requests for resources from the client to the serv


Method of delivery:

The Buyer must choose how he wants to receive or pick up his order in the cart. There are two options:

Button "Andar Sports" or "pick up in store": Option to pick up the purchase in the physical store of Andar Sports

"Carrier" or "home delivery" button: This is the buyer's home delivery option. For this purpose, the order will be delivered to the address associated with the Buyer's account.

Identify yourself:

If the Buyer is a registered user, you must click on the option 'I am already registered' and enter your e-mail and password.

Otherwise, you must register

Andar Sports indicated by the Buyer for the collection reserves the right to request the National Identity Document , Tax Identification Number or, where appropriate, the passport of the Buyer or the person designated for the collection of the product purchased for the purpose of verifying your identity.

Way to pay:

Once the data has been validated, the Buyer must press the 'Continue' button and access the payment method. Currently, Andar Sports provides Buyers with the following forms of payment:

Credit or debit card. For any amount. Only Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Maestro cards are accepted.

Wire transfer. At the end of the purchase, the data will appear to make the transfer. It should be noted that the transfer costs are borne by the buyer and on the other hand the order will not be validated until Andar Sports receives the proof of the transfer.

If the Buyer is satisfied with all the information of his order, he must press the button 'Pay Now' and accept these General Conditions of Sale.



The Buyer will be redirected through a secure connection. All purchases made through the Website are 100% secure. The bank details will be sent to our servers in encrypted form through the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and will be transmitted in a completely secure environment to our bank without being registered at any time.

The Buyer must enter their bank details and then validate the purchase.

The Buyer will simultaneously receive a response from the bank, indicating whether his request for authentication is accepted or denied. If authentication is accepted, the charge will be charged to your account.

In the event that there is no total availability of the selected products, the Company will contact the Buyer via e-mail and / or phone to communicate and proceed to partial, total or change of article.

Once the payment has been formalized and the purchase process has been completed, the Buyer will receive a first e-mail, informing him that his purchase request has been received with the detail of the purchase made.

Next, the Buyer will receive a second e-mail informing him that the order has been sent (if the payment and the availability of the product are completely confirmed).

The Purchaser may track your order in the link provided in the e-mail or by accessing the 'Orders' section at the top of the Website.

The order will only be valid once the system has accepted payment through the central network of bank card authorizations. Financial expenses (any bank charges related to exchange rates, bank fees for payment transactions made outside the territory of issuance of the bank card and other banking fees) that may result from bank card payments will be borne by the Buyer and they will be detailed in the breakdown of the price.

In the case of choosing the form of payment by bank transfer, you must make a transfer or cash deposit to the account number provided, indicating in the subject the reference of your order, as stated in the confirmation of the purchase. It is very important that you indicate to your bank that the bank charges for carrying out the transfer are at your expense.

The order will not be considered effective and therefore the material will not be sent until we have the confirmation of the transfer / deposit by our bank.

The transfer / deposit is made in an Andorran account number and all possible exchange commissions and / or bank commissions will be at your expense.


Reception of the order:

Courier delivery option:

In this case, our courier service (s) will deliver the order to the shipping address indicated at the time of purchase. In no case are shipments sent to post offices, hotels or military bases. At all times the Buyer will be able to track the shipment

Delivery times:

Delivery times depend on the items you request, as well as the shipping address, and will be provided during the purchase process in an estimated manner.

The estimated delivery time of the order may vary according to destination, always considering business days and not affected by local or national holidays or other eventualities.



The products offered through the Website are originals of the brands offered, with manufacturer's guarantee and without any defect, counting all of them with the terms of legally established guarantees.

Defects or damage due to improper use or handling of the material once purchased and wear and tear caused by normal use thereof, are not included in this warranty.

Losses in the functionality of the items, due to the limitations of their design, are also excluded from the coverage of this guarantee.

We recommend that you keep the original packaging and transport packaging until you are sure you want to keep the merchandise, without them we can not accept the return. Please note that transport costs will be reimbursed only if they differ in any way from the advertised products. After receiving your return and once checked the conditions of the item, we will proceed to the change or refund as you have indicated.

To make any change and / or return of a product, contact our customer service department at e-mail andarsports@andarsl.com

The term for the change of the product is 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

The direct expenses of the return of the product will be borne by the Buyer except in cases of error in the shipment, damaged order or product in poor condition. In these specific cases, the return costs will be borne by Andar Sports as long as the return has been made in accordance with the return instructions indicated in these General Conditions of Sale.

In the event that the Company detects any kind of handling or damage to the returned product, the latter reserves the right to send the product in question back to the Buyer by means of a postage on delivery, the latter bearing the corresponding shipping costs.

As for the products that require their opening to be able to know their correct operation, the Company will require that the concrete product is in perfect condition with all its elements, accessories and packaging, without which any refund that fails to comply with these requirements.

The Company can not be responsible for the packages that have not been delivered.

If you wish to use your guarantee right, you must contact us by e-mail to andarsports@andarsl.com and we will tell you how to proceed to send us the product. Subsequently, after checking the manufacturing defect and according to the manufacturer's instructions, we will refund the amount of your purchase or replace the item. Transportation costs will be reimbursed only in case of acceptance of the guarantee.


6. Prices

 The prices fixed on the site are indicated inclusive of taxes  Andorra.

The prices fixed on the site are indicated exclusive of taxes and fees, and do not include the fees and taxes corresponding to the country of destination, which could be claimed. In the event of a claim by the tax department of each country, the corresponding tax must be paid by the customer upon receipt of the goods.

In the event that the recipient refuses to pay the taxes and returns the order, the shipping and return costs as well as a 2% bank charge will be deducted from the refund.

The Retail Price of the item will always be indicated at the moment in which the Purchaser has completed the shopping cart, and will be informed of the final purchase price before validating the payment.

The shipping costs of each order are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the purchase, as well as your delivery address.

In any case, the shipping costs will be recalculated in each step when making the purchase through the Website, and will appear at all times in the shopping cart, clearly differentiated from the price of the Products or Services.

Buyer will be informed of the final purchase price, including the transportation of the same, before validating the payment. For shipments to the European Union, in case of sales above 100Euros, transportation will be free (except for Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Corsica, Sicily).

The Company reserves the right to modify the sale prices, which may be revised and modified if the conditions require it at any time without prior notice.

In the Company we strive to offer the information contained in the Website in a truthful manner and without typographical or photographic errors, but if at any time there is an error of this kind, alien at any time at our will, it would proceed immediately to its correction. If there is a typographical error in any of the prices, descriptions, characteristics, photographs of the products, if a Buyer had made the purchase decision based on said error (s), the Company would contact him to inform him said error and thus terminate your purchase without any cost on the part of the Buyer.



All products are subject to availability.

Grup Andar SL undertakes, based on the purchase request made, to take your request into consideration and proceed, where appropriate, to fully validate, partially or rescind the purchase, always with your agreement.

Grup Andar SL undertakes to notify you of the status of the order, through the e-mail, telephone call and / or update of the order in the personal space of the Buyer that can be accessed by clicking on 'My account'.

In the event that the purchase confirmation occurs partially due to the lack of availability of some of the selected products, Grup Andar SL will contact you informing you of the affected products, via e-mail or telephone. Grup Andar SL will file the electronic document in which the purchase contract is formalized, and it will be accessible through the link 'My account' / 'Orders'.

In the event that there is no confirmation of the purchase due to the lack of availability of all of the selected products, Grup Andar SL will inform the Buyer that their purchase can not be made, by phone and / or via e-mail, No responsibility can be derived for the Company.


All images inserted in our platform are not contractual, so depending on the manufacturers may vary, although, we always ensure that the descriptions of the products are as faithful as possible to reality.

Likewise Grup Andar SL will not be responsible for any information that has been introduced, displayed or modified by third parties outside the Company on the Website. The Company shall not be liable for any damages that may cause the Buyer to use the Internet (such as viruses, etc.).

Grup Andar SL and the Buyers will be liable for any infractions that they may have incurred personally, the other party being indemnified against any error, fault or negligence not attributable to it, and any damage arising from said infractions or errors attributable to the other party. contractor.

Grup Andar SL and the Buyers undertake to comply with their legal and contractual obligations generated by virtue of this contract. If a party does not fulfill any of its obligations, or intends to hinder compliance by the other party, the right of the other party to claim compensation for the damages caused, both for emergent damage and for profit will be generated. dismissed according to current legislation.

Grup Andar SL will not be responsible in case of unavailability of the Products or impossibility of providing the service for reasons beyond its control. Likewise, Grup Andar SL will not be responsible in case of impossibility of delivery of the Products due to force majeure, theft or loss, error in the order or data provided by the Buyer. However, in such cases, Grup Andar SL will immediately contact the Buyer in order to find the best solution to the case.

Whenever the cases referred to are outside the control and due diligence by the owner, there will be no compensation for Grup Andar SL to the Client for lost profits, damages or losses.



Grup Andar SL grants a limited license to access and use the Website in order to know the products offered and make the desired acquisitions. In no case does this confer the right to upload or modify the contents of the Website without the express authorization of the same.

This license does not allow any other use, particularly commercial, of the Website or its content (products, descriptions, prices, data, software, sound extracts, graphics, images, photographs, etc.).

All the content in this Website, including the texts, trademarks, distinctive signs, logos, images, graphics and designs, are the property of ANDAR SPORTS, where applicable, of Grup Andar SL and are protected by the legislation in force in the matter of Intellectual Property and Industrial Property.

In no case does access to the Website by the user entitle you to such content, even for mere reproduction for personal use.




Protection of personal data In accordance with the law 15/2003 of December 18 of the Government of Andorra, qualified as protection of personal data, it is reported that all data that can be provided by users will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

We inform you that the information you provide is processed by Grup Andar SL with the objective of identifying you as a buyer of your products, preparing your material request and allowing you to consult the history of your file. These data are incorporated into the file of CLIENTS, whose ownership and responsibility correspond to the company GRUP ANDAR S.L. who will take the necessary measures to guarantee their security and confidentiality.

Your personal data will be used exclusively by GRUP ANDAR SL, being able to direct all types of communications, advertising and / or commercial offers of our products and services. Unless you tell us otherwise, always in writing, we will consider that you consent to the use of your personal data for the aforementioned purposes.

The bank details, protected by encryption, do not pass through our systems and, therefore, are not in the possession of GRUP ANDAR SL. If we decide to modify the terms of our commitment, we will indicate the changes on this page in order to always specify the information we keep, as well as its use and the conditions of its assignment.



At www.andarsports.com we want to make sure that your visit to our Website is comfortable, reliable and as useful as possible. For this, we use cookies and similar technologies (to which we refer jointly with the term 'cookies' in this policy).

In your first visit to our Website, we explain the use we make of cookies through the information banner shown at the bottom of the page. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies.

We use cookies on different pages to improve the attractiveness of our Website and enable the use of specific functions. These cookies are simple text files that are stored on your device and help identify the browsing behavior of a user and therefore allow parts of the website to display specific information of the user's interest. Most of the cookies we use are deleted from your hard drive when you close the session in your browser (session cookies). Our associates do not have permission to view, edit or use personal data through the use of cookies on our website.



The regulations in force will determine the laws that should govern and the jurisdiction that should know about the relationships between GRUP ANDAR SL and the Buyers. This, however, in those cases in which such current legislation provides for the possibility for the parties to submit to a specific jurisdiction, GRUP ANDAR SL and the Buyers, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, are subject to Andorran legislation. .

You can submit claims by going to the electronic or physical address indicated in the 'customer service' section. We are committed to finding a friendly solution to the conflict.

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