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Brand: Kimberfeel

Kimberfeel Miage

Discover the MIAGE model, a recovery shoe for men and women. This mold has been specially designed to offer you the best in comfort. She is extremely light Easy to put on and take off, it can be used as recovery shoes.

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Brand: Accapi


Accapi’s ergonomic knee guard has a differentiated compression structure to provide protection and support in the event of injuries, sprains and traumas, in particular when participating in sports such as skiing, football, tennis, rugby and basketball, where physical impact and the required movements result in frequent, intense stress on the joint....

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Reference: 1149

Brand: Asolo

Trekking Shoes Asolo TPS 535 LTH GV MM

One-piece water-resistant 2,4 mm full grain leather upper. Cambrelle® lining. Asolo/Vibram® highly technical sole. The outsole incorporates three shock absorbers that correspond with the areas of foot that receive highest impact during activity. These shock absorbers can be identified by their different colour respect to the sole. The shock absorbers are...

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Brand: Lurbel

Mountain ski socks Lurbel Fuji

Bmax unisex socks specifically designed for trekking at low temperatures. The structure and composition of these socks help to fight the main causes of blisters, which result from overheating, moisture and friction. Its protective and ergonomic structure ESP reinfor­ces these areas where the friction with the trekking shoes is highest

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Brand: Ferrino

X-track Case

X-Track Case is the handy extra storage pocket designed for use on the X-Track backpack range but suitable for all Ferrino backpacks. 

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Reference: 2167

Brand: Nordica

Nordica Speedmachine 3 100 GW

Fuel your passion—and progression—with Nordica’s Speedmachine 3 100. Inspired by decades of refinement, this legendary all-mountain boot has been completely redesigned to offer even greater comfort and performance. Nordica’s 3 Force technology maximizes the transmission of energy from the leg and foot to the liner and shell, providing exceptional power...

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Reference: 2164

Brand: Nordica

Nordica THE CRUISE 90

Comfort, confidence, and performance—the Cruise 90 provides everything you need to unleash your potential. With an emphasis on progression, its wider fit and softer shell are forgiving while its streamlined, anatomical shape maximizes control and response. Thanks to its dual soft flap instep, the boot’s throat opens exceptionally wide, making the Cruise...

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Reference: 1390

Brand: Dainese

Dainese Ergotek ski gloves

Superior performance and exceptional comfort on the most challenging of pistes. Specially crafted to respond to the needs of Alpine Ski World Cup athletes, the HP ERGOTEK combine complete mobility with the protection of ERGOTEK composite plates, designed to protect the knuckles whilst allowing optimal freedom of movement. Their waterproof fabric and...

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Reference: 1829

Brand: Sidas

Sidas Ski boot traction

ANTI-SLIP PROTECTION Give a colorful touch to your ski boot! Walk serenely with your ski boots and protect them thanks to ski boot traction. Adjustable to the size of your foot.

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Reference: 1735

Brand: WinterTrax

Winter Trax (38/46)

Wintertrax® is a light duty traction device for winter safety on packed snow and ice. The one-size-fits-all solution to slippery ice and snow conditions. The polyelastomer band easily stretches over most shoe types, while the steel coils underneath provide multiple points of contact, providing stability in all directions. Lightweight and easy to stow,...

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