Reference: 1982

Brand: Kimberfeel

Kimberfeel Miage

Discover the MIAGE model, a recovery shoe for men and women. This mold has been specially designed to offer you the best in comfort. She is extremely light Easy to put on and take off, it can be used as recovery shoes.

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Brand: Accapi


Accapi’s ergonomic knee guard has a differentiated compression structure to provide protection and support in the event of injuries, sprains and traumas, in particular when participating in sports such as skiing, football, tennis, rugby and basketball, where physical impact and the required movements result in frequent, intense stress on the joint....

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Reference: 1149

Brand: Asolo

Trekking Shoes Asolo TPS 535 LTH GV MM

One-piece water-resistant 2,4 mm full grain leather upper. Cambrelle® lining. Asolo/Vibram® highly technical sole. The outsole incorporates three shock absorbers that correspond with the areas of foot that receive highest impact during activity. These shock absorbers can be identified by their different colour respect to the sole. The shock absorbers are...

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Brand: Lurbel

Mountain ski socks Lurbel Fuji

Bmax unisex socks specifically designed for trekking at low temperatures. The structure and composition of these socks help to fight the main causes of blisters, which result from overheating, moisture and friction. Its protective and ergonomic structure ESP reinfor­ces these areas where the friction with the trekking shoes is highest

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Brand: Ferrino

X-track Case

X-Track Case is the handy extra storage pocket designed for use on the X-Track backpack range but suitable for all Ferrino backpacks. 

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Its structure is studied so that the athlete has maximum comfort, adaptability and temperature retention. Made without seams and with reinforcements in the areas of greatest impact and wear. Guarantees adaptability due to the type of adjustment on the ankle and instep. Unisex garment with differentiated ergonomic structure for right and left foot.


Europe & UK



It is made with Silver Base Layer technology. It consists of a grid, developed with ionized silver yarn with a high antibacterial power. As a general rule, people in their day to day and most people who practice sports, sweat. Bacteria thrive on body heat and moisture, producing unpleasant odours.

Despite washing, the smell lingers in the fibers and over time it is common to have the sensation of smelling even when we put on freshly washed sportswear. The mission of this layer is to act as the central structure of all garments, giving it an antibacterial effect. Eliminating bad smells...!!

Bmax technology combines Regenactiv fiber with multi-channel fiber that transports moisture to the outside through its clover-shaped cavities. Its mission is to keep your feet in perfect condition, fighting the causes of blisters:




It should also be noted that this garment incorporates a Loop with a cushioning effect (cushioning technology). It is a higher density structure located on the sole of the sock with the aim of offering greater comfort in each step.


Thermal requirement FEEL THERMO PLUS: Comfort temperature between 5ºC and -10ºC.

Weight size M: 57 gr.

Recommended: Ski, Competition Mountain Skiing: Vertical Sprint/Line Race/Stages Popular Mountain Skiing Competition Alpine Skiing: Slalom, Downhill, Giant, Super-G Popular Alpine Skiing Cross Country Skiing Snowshoeing.

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Référence: 2134

Marque: Lurbel


Affrontez vos entraînements sans avoir froid aux pieds. C'est possible grâce à notre nouveau modèle unisexe de hauteur H5 (12-18 cm au-dessus de la chaussure), fabriqué avec de la laine mérinos, l'une des matières naturelles à haut pouvoir de rétention de la température. Conçu pour la randonnée et le sport par très basses températures où le froid peut...

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Référence: 1955

Marque: X-Bionic -X-Socks

X-Socks Trek Outdoor Men's

Maximisez votre confort et réduisez le risque d'ampoules avec X-SOCKS® TREK OUTDOOR. Spécialement conçues pour les pieds des hommes et des femmes, ces chaussettes spéciales sont vos compagnons idéaux lorsque vous souhaitez profiter de l'aventure de longues randonnées sans vous fatiguer.

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Référence: 2379

Marque: Accapi

Accapi Energy Wave Plantar Flexibility

L'utilisation de la chaussette Energy Wave PLANTAR FLEXIBILITY convient également à la pratique de sports dynamiques et de longue durée, en gardant le pied plus stable et une agréable sensation de bien-être.

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Référence: 2378

Marque: Accapi

Accapi Energy Wave Achilles Resistance

L'utilisation de l'Energy Wave ACHILLEUS RESISTANCE est idéale pour les travaux et les sports qui nécessitent des mouvements répétitifs, où les contraintes sont plus importantes lors de la course en descente et en montée et lors de l'exécution de sauts et de rotations.

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Référence: 2381

Marque: Accapi

Accapi Energy Wave Tibial Vitality

L'utilisation de la chaussette Energy Wave DYNAMIC LEG convient également à la pratique de sports actifs et de longue durée, offrant un soutien valable aux jambes fatiguées et lourdes.

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Référence: 1267

Marque: Monnet

Sous-chaussettes Monnet IR-Reflex

La sous-chaussette IR-REFLEX est conçue à partir d'un polyester contenant des micro-céramiques. Ces micro-céramiques réfléchissent le rayonnement infra rouge émis par le corps, créant ainsi un cocon qui préserve la chaleur.

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